From My Sketchbook: Watercolor Project 3

Project 3 from Step-By-Step Guide to Painting Realistic Water Colors by Dawn McLeod Heim is “Cluster of Berries”. This lesson focuses on how to make the berries look ripe and three dimensional. I might re-visit this one later for more practice. I started adding my own take on the leaves and it just didn’t work as well. It was a great practice exercise for me to learn how to control the effect of softening the edges of the paint in such a small area too (the softening was done on each little berry segment). Maybe I should enlarge the drawing next time because I need to force myself to work larger, not smaller.

Project 3: Cluster of Berries, Watercolor, © 2012 SuZan Alexander

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  • Barbara Giesenschlag
    October 8, 2012

    You are great! and I am excited for you. Are you going to display anything at the Salado art shop coming up, saw advertisement while watching tv this weekend.