From My Sketchbook: Watercolor Project 10

Project 10 - Lemons in a Silver Bowl

Project 10 – Lemons in a Silver Bowl Watercolor © 2013 SuZan Alexander

Project 10, the last project from Step-By-Step Guide to Painting Realistic Water Colors by Dawn McLeod Heim, is L-O-N-G overdue. It is “Lemons in a Silver Bowl”. The lesson is about how to capture diffused light, as well as the textures found in the lemon peel and soft fabric. I went a little “rouge” with the instructions and colors, but it feels good to complete all of the projects in the book so I can move forward. Whew! Now I can carry on with other projects and ideas knowing I completed what I started. (I’m not going to even count how long it took me to complete. That will be between you and me.)

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