Introducing “Wednesday Wanderings”


Come Fly With Me… Collage Digital Photography © 2015 SuZan Alexander

To my blog friends,
I’m planning a “Wednesday Wandering” series to post photos and entries from my travel journal starting today, and every Wednesday after that, until we get through my latest trip – together. I hope there will always be new travels (near and far) and enough interesting stories and images to keep you coming back, because I would love to make this a regular part of my blog and travel with each of you.
As always, I appreciate the gift of your time. Now, pack your virtual bags  ’cause we’re heading to Peru and I’d like to personally introduce you to my friend:


Like so many people, I have a “wish list”, a “bucket list”, whatever label you want to assign that list which takes the form of a mental list, a formally memorialized list on paper, or simply written across your heart. This list includes the desires and adventures one wants to experience in one’s lifetime; our own personal tick-marks, as it were, to measure and experience our gift of life – of actually being alive. One of my many desires has been to experience Peru. My fascination began in my very first Art History course in college. I L-O-V-E-D Art History. And, when I say that I loved Art History, I mean that I love it so much that I read beyond what was required for the course. (WHAT?!  Why, yes! I am a self-professed geek. Thank you very much.) It was this “extra” reading that introduced me to Peru. I remember reading a rather obscure passage about Peru, which almost seemed like a condensed version placed in the text with the sole purpose of whetting my appetite for more. I read that passage, studied the small black and white image that went with the text and re-read the passage again many times. The details have faded a bit, but I do remember thinking I want to go to this place. I want to experience this for myself. I was smitten.

Since then, I have been courted by Peru. It has lured me and seduced me in many ways over many years. Peru has a subtle way of reminding me that we are destined to meet. She whispers a gentle reminder of my neglect when I am browsing bookstores and I see her name in book titles and again when I see the names of authors who reside there. She taunts me with her beauty when I go to art exhibits and spot a small painting across the room knowing instantly she is the subject. I feel hopeful when I discover that Georgia O’Keeffe visited Machu Picchu for the first time late in her life and painted about her experience. And, again, when I pepper dinner guests with questions to tell me more about Peru, what images I might return with, and the best way to tour and experience Peru. I was even approached by an art instructor during a workshop a few years ago, who did not know me or my Peruvian interest. He encouraged me to join an upcoming workshop he was teaching in Peru. He had no idea. How could anyone know that Peru has been my long-time friend who patiently awaits my attention, seemingly preparing for my visit centuries in advance.

Many years have passed since I first read the paragraph in that textbook. I think it has been around 33 years, give or take, but I am on my way to meet my beautiful, patient friend at last. We have so very much catching up to do. I want her to tell me everything.


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