Digital Photography, Copyright © 2017 SuZan Alexander


My name is SuZan Alexander. I am a lifetime student of art, art history, and photography.  These days, photography is my primary medium for creative expression. The images I create often focus on subjects hidden in plain sight.  They are reminders to me, and an invitation to the viewer, to consider a different point of view. They are also an opportunity to discover, or rediscover, something new.

I have listed a few bits of “trivia” so you can learn a little more about me:

  • Yes. The ‘Z” in my name is a capital letter… like two words.
  • I do not like nicknames (like Sue, Susie…). The only exception is “Zan” because the ones I love the most call me Zan.
  • I love to read.
  • I love to learn.
  • I love to listen to music.
  • I love to laugh.
  • I love to travel (near and far).
  • I have a secret passion for studying Art History. (It is not a secret now)
  • I adore late afternoon sunlight with luscious warm light and long, beautiful shadows.
  • But, what I REALLY love, is spending a day in my little “studio” with a dog curled up at my feet.

Welcome to Shades of Sienna Studio. You honor me with the gift of your time. I hope you visit often, linger long, and enjoy your stay.



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